Baptized In Ice

by Eric Martinez

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I wrote and recorded Baptized In Ice during 2011-2012 in my rehearsal space at City Sound in Minneapolis, MN sometimes doing vocals in my apartment since the views and the smells were way better. I was going for a raw feel always taking a first take with good energy over a later take with better technique which leaves many imperfections in the tracks but I believe they stand stronger in this regard.

For all the tracks I used a PDP drum set, an Ampeg SVT3 bass rig with a Fender Jazz Bass, a Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, and two of the best recording amps out there being a Savage Macht 12 and a true vintage 1965 Fender Twin Reverb.

This record would not have been possible without the un-wavered love and support of the greatest life partner/wife a guy could have and I dedicate this to my sweet Sarah Martinez. Not to mention she gave me the title of the record and a lyric in the song Nightly Chivalry.

Down through the ages my Body Of Work will be the way my life is best described. Thanks for listening!


released March 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Eric Martinez Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Sitting Pretty At The End Of The World
I saw fireworks On the wall
Reflecting through the fall
Putting out a fire while he can

To many people suffering
Because of other people's dirty tricks
Play a record if you want to dance

I had a dream that I cut my hair
There were piles of it everywhere
Turn the water on and let hemp lines grow

Kansas City suicide
Pretty girls life denied
Left a baby in a world you will not know

Sitting pretty at the end of the world
Politicians with the policy and the pearls
Another lie made in PhotoShop
Another woman working till the day she drops

Corporate logo on the bus
Leaves farmer in disgust
Blasphemy is never what you want

Television on the ground
Any lower and it will drown
Blessed is a mother and her only son

A raven beauty
Lives in splendid isolation
She gets a feeling
That something just ain’t right

Stupid fuckers want to
Succeed from the union
How’re they gonna pay
When the math isn’t right
Track Name: Nightly Chivalry
I’ve seen it last forever
When your talking on your cell phone
Your face is like a moment in time
Your love is gonna bring me home

And the television turned off
To a Minneapolis skyline
Looking for a brand new job
Take us back to our old life
Sit around and drink it up

Destination anywhere
As I bring my face to your lips
Righteous inquisition
Of what was original sin

And my soul survived
That night you made me leave
Eternal suffering
Rise to the occasions
Of nightly chivalry

Long before we got together
Long before our song
Our scene was written in a fairyland
The thrill was written in stone

And to what transpired
No one’s ever better off dead
Or living on gasoline
Now I’m seeing red
And Lord it’s sweet

Mandolins are crying
In the windy city breeze
Taking care of everything
Brings me to your knees

We were baptized in ice
But never frozen in time
Living in the moment
One day I lost all control
Now I’m forgiven
Track Name: People Come
People come lord
And people go
That same direction
The winds always blow

She could do everything
With the greatest of ease
She lived in Key West
With all those slow ass people

And talked with a draw
And die by the water
Rebirth in the salt
And natures uprising

Death soon pass over me
But memories they won’t
Sleeping on a park bench
Dreaming of your song

There’s value in car
There’s value in a soul
Both will drive to heaven
Leave you with a stone

Crow up on the chimney
Darkness at your door
Black Jack on the table
Liquor at the store

Facing mass extinction
Humans lost the race
Only things on earth
That to live we have to pay

Scared of common themes
Compulsion in the air
Writing out your dreams
In a notebook on the stairs

A band up on the stage
Scraping night to night
Singing for their food
Living for the fight
Track Name: Survival
Across the nation
Rotting at home
You lose your days

Sitting in silence
Don’t turn to violence
Looking to God
You kneel and pray

Don’t do it
You have no say
You’ll be cryin’ for eternity

Breaking borders
That you won’t set for me
Loving mothers
In a loving environment

Across the nation
Rotting at home
You lose your days

Sitting in silence
Don’t turn to violence
Looking to God
You kneel and pray
For survival
In the city

Slow burn
You wait until tomorrow
Track Name: No Surrender
Stale economy
No money in my hand
Another lifeboat on the way

Telling kids
They’ll never make it in a band
Another talent down the drain

A coyote’s howl
Is gentle in your wake
Dancing slowly to my right

Mother Mary
Rose to greet me by the lake
Anther southern belle reaching 45

I’ll never run away
Or leave my son and daughter
The time to fight is now
Know your enemy
Offer your hand
No Surrender

Bullshit politics
Both sides kill to win
No difference seen inside this world

In the last two weeks
The laws been closing in
Pray to my bar tab and the Lord

Bootleg carnival
Anther bad idea
I always liked coming home

I married Thelma
Louise told you to die
I say forever and
I swear I’ll never run
Track Name: Lucifer
Lucifer is gonna find you at home
Pray to God he don’t find you alone
Feel the power of good in your life
Tell the angel you don’t want to die

Sins are washed away in the valley
A long breath of air and there gone
He’ll tell you you’ll always be happy
Lucifer will try and find you a home

Your mother is always in trouble
Taking risks and no one ever wins
Cold glass of beer and the Devil gets the rack
Gonna scratch on the 8 ball again

The dark streets are where I take refuge
St. Peter just laughs at the gate
My daddy told me “son your gonna pay for this life”
In the hell that was yours to create

Now I live in the valley and wander
My sins were never washed away
You live with the bad you’ve done in this life
And God never hears when I pray
Track Name: Annie
Annie is a rock who
Resurrects my soul
Even when I’m sick
And returning home

Terrorizing thoughts
Gonna hold on tight
Sound of lightning
Never served me right

Water-color fun
With the Blue and Grey
Civic duties
Kept at bay

March for tomorrow
Get your money right
Don’t take mine
Stay out of sight

Chase down the song
And hope your lover holds on
Remember why
You’re doing this

Happy hour drunk
Always coming in hot
Turn around twice
In a vacant lot

Sight of the planes
Always flying by
Singing for tips
On a Tuesday night

Engineers always
Try and turn me down
You got to turn it up
To get the sweetest sound

Barbed wire cactus
And a week old string
I’ll kiss the ground
And my wedding ring
Track Name: Holding Strong
I pray for good times
Pray for my salvation
Driving cross the nation
Stop in every town
And sing the blues

I’m drinking red wine
Till my dear old life is over
Drinking myself sober
Feel the air get warm
I turn to you

Head to the country
Sleeping in a hammock
Hoping we don’t get stuck
Four wheel on the Willys
Holding strong

Fly to the city
Hope I get to see her
The finest at the Theatre
Ticket down in front
To hear the song

I saw a hungry man cry
While begging for his dinner
Lord he ain’t no sinner
He’s fallen on hard times
Ain’t got no job

In the cursed glare
Of the sun shining brightly
College kids are frightened
Ending up in debt
Or in a mall

And a mother cries
Praying for tomorrow
That her husbands gonna come home
Turn against the reasons
For the war

An old man dies
Surrounded by his family
With Liberty and country
He’ll die with his beliefs
Behind a door
Track Name: Tango & Tequilla
Take a minute to shake the sleep off
The time to work has come
The state of the weather is dim and so dry
The water turned to blood

Snows still on the rooftops
My baby's gonna freeze
With the cold that's in this town
Her blanket never leaves

I always thought I’d die
On the Pike in Rockville City
Then I met my girl one day
I learned how to live

I was taken to school on the tracks
Right outside my house
I was told never to come back
Always seemed locked out

Little family in a warm house
On the avenue of Saints
They spit in the face of God
And do a carney song and dance

Tango and Tequila
Two of my favorite things
Speaking French on the beach one night
But never did again

I watched a building burn
From a St. Louis bridge
I had a truck stop lunch
I hope those people lived

Wishing off your dress
Dancing in the waves
Feel that heaven is falling
Angels getting saved

Home is your hotel
Or where your baby waits for you
The only friends I got right now
Are the lights on Portland Avenue

As long as there's a song
Desperation of Love
Rebirth in my living room
While the spiders stormed the cove
Track Name: Sirens
Is so far away
Lame photo opts seem
So far out of place
Indecision of man
Leads to bullshit parties

Uneven ties
In an uneven game
Rich guy troubles
I fought for my stay
Of execution
Slowly die up on the cross

Hear the sirens of the song
That I'm singing

Our planet flashes
In the light of dismay
You holly rollers
Will only slip on your grace
TV is a weapon
Of mass deception

Divine intention
From a Godless enemy
Most revolutions
Gonna die on the streets
We need a leader for the world
Not a war lord for a nation

Is so far away
Lame photo opts seem
So far out of place
Indecision of man
Leads to bullshit parties

Uneven ties
In an uneven game
Rich guy troubles
I fought for my stay
Of execution
Slowly die up on the cross